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Ringing this weekend at Old North

Hi! This weekend is supposedly a Sunday practice. However, given that it's 
Memorial Day, Quebec ringing, etc., there may be a shortage of ringers?

There are a few possibilities:

- practice as usual. If I can get positive (mostly) yeses from enough 
people, there will be practice.
- no practice. If no-one is interested, there won't be practice. This 
decision may be made on Sunday at service ringing.
- handling practice. If I'm in town (I haven't yet decided), and there are 
enough people who want practice with handling only (ie, just ringing the 
bell by yourself), I would consider holding an hour or so of handling 

Please let me know:

- if you are planning to be at practice
- if you need handling practice, and would be interested in such a pratice

Also, if you're available for Service ringing, I'm pretty sure that we're 
going to be low on bodies, so consider coming in...