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Fwd: [tws-ringers] First in Hand for Brooklyn Bells

How cool is this?

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From: Martha Partridge <mpartridge440 gmail com>
Date: Sun, May 13, 2012 at 9:50 PM
Subject: [tws-ringers] First in Hand for Brooklyn Bells
To: Trinity Ringers <tws-ringers googlegroups com>

Dear all,

Today Brooklyn/Trinity handbell ringers scored a quarter peal of Plain Bob Major on the Brooklyn Handbells.

 It was a long afternoon with several starts and train wrecks but we persevered with our semi- fried brains and won the fight.

It was John Danaher's first conducting in Hand, and he met the challenge with his familiar (amazing) multitasking and fierce concentration. That being said, the most important component of this afternoon's success  was clearly our entire band's effort over the last few months. Thanks to Arthur, Lynn, Tim and Roger for ringing touches along the way.

This was rung by our local band with firsts or seconds for all of us.

Mike Harrison         7/8  first quarter in Hand

John Danaher        5/6  first conducting in Hand

Chapman Knott      3/4  second quarter in Hand

Martha Partridge   1/2   second quarter in Hand