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Quebec ringing outing; Memorial Day weekend

If you are planning to go to Quebec for the Memorial Day ringing weekend, you should
let Donna and Rene know very soon now.

I've email from them saying if you register by today, you don't have to pay them.  Since I couldn't
get to a reasonable computer until now, I'm going to say, if you want to go, let them know
really really soon, and tell me to pay your $10.

You should go.
The Quebec ringers are a marvelous hospitable fun group of people.
Quebec City is beautiful.
The bells of the cathedral were recently (4 yearsago?) rehung and go very nicely.
The bells of the bibliothe^H^H, er, St. Martin's, go better than in the old days
and it's great fun to make such a ruckus in a library.

There should be a registration form attached to Donna & Rene's email.
Holler if I've lost in in pasting...

See you in Quebec,


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From: Donna McEwen <donnamcquebec yahoo ca>
Date: 10 May, 2012 9:49:19 AM EDT
To: Douglas Kitson <Douglas Kitson POBox Com>
Subject: it is still possible to save $10 in QC
Reply-To: Donna McEwen <donnamcquebec yahoo ca>

Could you send this on to the Boston group and copy me on it?  I don't seem to have their email addresses.  Thanks!


Just wanted to send you a little reminder about the upcoming Quebec Ringing Weekend. We have extended the deadline for free registration to Sunday evening, May 13. After that date, your registration fee will be $10. Please drop us a quick email if you are planning on attending. 

Your presence in the past has been most appreciated, and we hope to see you again this year. We are trying to organize the weekend a little differently this year, in order to let everyone choose when they would like to ring, and when they would like to visit our beautiful city. So please take a moment now, tell us your plans and what you would like to ring. See the enclosed form.

This will also help us with planning for food. Our tower chefs will be doing all the food preparation this year, but we all want to ring lots too. If we get many last minute additions, we might need to spend the time cooking instead of ringing. One thing is sure: there will be delicious food served on Saturday evening in the church hall, and Sunday evening at Bruno's and Andrew's for any who would like to come along.  

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

René and Donna 

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