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Ringing This Weekend 18th 19th Feb

Dear All, 

Excitingly, we will have a visit from the Kent School at Old North 
practice on Saturday (from 11:00am - 1:00pm) - please come along and join 
in. We will also be having regular Sunday service ringing at Advent 
(10:00am) and Old North (12:00pm). 

Also - I should like to thank everyone in the Guild for the great time 
that I've had as ON Tower Captain over the last year. I have been offered 
a cushty job back in Cambridge, UK and so Lucy and I will be heading 
homewards around the start of March. It's been a great year and I feel my 
ringing has benefitted greatly - I could barely ring Grandsire triple when 
I showed up at a snow covered Advent practice last January. So adieu, and 
best of luck for the coming years - I hope to drop back in sometime (and 
feel free to look me up if you find yourself in the UK)! 

Thanks, Dan

Daniel O'Donovan
dan odonovan gmail com