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RE: Fwd: Request for a memorial quarter peal

Please include me. I knew Bonnie for many years, like the years when we 
used to have a formal annual dinner and were inducted during Solemn Mass 
at the high altar by the Rector.

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Subject: Re: Fwd: Request for a memorial quarter peal

On 2/6/2012 10:30 AM, Danielle Morse wrote:
> I am hoping you can guide me in the correct process for requesting that 
> a half-muffled quarter peal (or full peal, if there are ringers for it 
> and it is not too presumptuous to ask) be rung in memory of my late 
> mother, Bonnie Barton Armstrong, one-time parishioner and bell ringer at 
> the Church of the Advent, who passed on last Friday, 3 February 2012.
     Oh, no.  I think Arthur & I saw her last April at the New England 
Folk Festival (performing with the Balkan ensemble Divi Zheni), but I 
suppose it could have been the year before.  I think the last time she 
rang was for some special occasion in  Hingham a number of years back (a 
wedding?  All I remember is that they put out a call for ringers).  
Nancy, Rosalie,and I drove down in the pouring rain, and Bonnie came out 
of retirement to ring as well.
I remember Borden as a teenager, and don't think I've seen him since.
Please include me in whatever band gets arranged.
Laura Dickerson

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