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Re: Fwd: Request for a memorial quarter peal

On 2/6/2012 10:30 AM, Danielle Morse wrote:

I am hoping you can guide me in the correct process for requesting that a 
half-muffled quarter peal (or full peal, if there are ringers for it and 
it is not too presumptuous to ask) be rung in memory of my late mother, 
Bonnie Barton Armstrong, one-time parishioner and bell ringer at the 
Church of the Advent, who passed on last Friday, 3 February 2012.

Oh, no. I think Arthur & I saw her last April at the New England Folk Festival (performing with the Balkan ensemble Divi Zheni), but I suppose it could have been the year before. I think the last time she rang was for some special occasion in Hingham a number of years back (a wedding? All I remember is that they put out a call for ringers). Nancy, Rosalie,and I drove down in the pouring rain, and Bonnie came out of retirement to ring as well.
I remember Borden as a teenager, and don't think I've seen him since.
Please include me in whatever band gets arranged.
Laura Dickerson