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Re: Sunday 16 Oct @ 2p

  Ricky wrote:

>Hi! If we're going to do this thing on the 16th, we probably >need to 
>have some organization? Do we know if we can ring a >quarter at Old 
>North? At Advent?

  They really are trying to make a big deal of this. There is an ad on p 
11 of the Globe's G section today, including an offer to touch the bell 
between 11 & 1 before it gets lifted up.
  At the Old South Meeting House web site, the poster for the event 
includes a probably inaccurate mention of change-ringing (presumably they 
meant 18th century, if trying to say that the inspiration for Revere's 
bell founding work was his ringing experience at ON)  See:

Laura Dickerson