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Re: Funeral Friday 7th November at 4:00pm

  Maybe for the 7th of November, depending on whether or not I'm visiting 
my parents at the time. 
  The last time we used the muffles might have been when Gerald Ford 
(former US president) died, and the church requested memorial ringing.  
They are on the bookshelf, and are disguised as strips of leather.  They 
get taped onto the clapper with strapping tape, and then removed by 
cutting the tape.  We have falling-apart old-style muffles as well (in a 
plastic bag in the space under the weird stairs), but I made the new ones 
based on those from Raleigh or Hendersonville (I don't remember - the idea 
was from Richard Parsons, who had been at both places at one time or 
another).   We don't ring half-muffled much, but they work.

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>Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2011 10:10:03 -0400
>From: "Daniel O'Donovan" <dan odonovan gmail com>  
>Subject: Funeral Friday 7th November at 4:00pm  
>To: Boston Change Ringers <Boston-change-ringers cosmos phy tufts edu>
>Dear All, 
>Ed Pignone (Old North) will be having a memorial service for his wife 
>passed away this summer. The service will be at Old North on Friday 7th 
>November at 4 pm. He has asked for ringing before and after - do you have 
>a regular arrangement for funerals/memorials? 
>I'll be there and I can toll the tenor before and after, but if there are 
>a few other bodies for some half-muffled ringing that would be great. 
>Ricky - I'll volunteer to put the muffles on - do we actually have any?! 
>I'll send out another email closer to the date, 
>Best Dan
>Daniel O'Donovan
>dan odonovan gmail com
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