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Groton organizing

As usual, I have signed Groton's required liability waiver as proxy for all of us, so please don't do anything dangerous or vandalistic while we're there. Be careful on the stairs. Drink water. Pull straight. Follow through. The focus of the ringing will be on striking (we hope). After some discussion, the methods/principles/ for the day will be: Rounds, Hunting on 9 & 10, Little Bob Royal, and Stedman Caters. There will be no handling lessons, but anybody who has had at least a backstroke lesson will be offered a bout of rounds on 10 with a helper. If you can ring an even-numbered method with dodges, please learn Little Bob. If you can ring Stedman on any number, please think about Stedman Caters. As mentioned, I hope that people's brains and ears will be mostly involved in improving the striking, not in trying to generate the method on the fly.
URLs for the lines are below.
Things to remember about LB:
The circle of work is 5-6 down, 2nds, 5-6 up, 9-10 up, 7-8 down, 3-4 down, 3-4 up, 7-8 up, 9-10 down. That's where the tenor starts. Jump on wherever you'd like.
   4th's place bell is the pivot bell.
The order in which the bells make 2nds is 6 10 7 3 4 8 9 5 2. The place bell order is the opposite of that (ie 10 6 2 5 9 8 4 3 7).
   Bobs are in 4ths place.
Things to remember about Stedman Caters:
The beginning work of the 1,2,3 & 4 is exactly the same as on S doubles or Triples.
   The going-in ways:  5th Q 6th Q 7th S 8th S 9th Q.
Bobs are in 7ths place. If you're below that, you're unaffected. If you're dodging in 8-9, do that for another 6.

Little Bob http://www.vismeth.co.uk/methview2.php?P=X10X14-12&T=Little+Bob+Royal&S=Royal&R=Rung Stedman http://www.vismeth.co.uk/methview2.php?P=

These are the people who have said they will be there, or might be there, or would like to be there if it turns out to be convenient. We'd be happy to have more. The * denotes a potential driver, from various points in MA or elsewhere. I haven't arranged car pools yet. If someone wants to drive my car, that would probably be OK. People who take the commuter rail to Ayer could be picked up at 9:46 AM. #

*Brother Matthew