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Best Saturday for the summer Groton meeting?

  Sorry to have left this so late.  (excuses available upon request).  
It's customary for us to have an area meeting at Groton School in July.  
The chaplain (with whom I'm corresponding) says that there is nothing on 
their calendar for any of the Saturdays, so I'm soliciting opinions about 
the best weekend for the majority of ringers who would like to come. 
I vote against 2nd July.  There are ringing events in Victoria on the 9th 
& Pittsburgh on the 16th, but I don't know of any ringing conflicts along 
the east coast for any weekend in July.
  While I'm asking - if they offer us a choice of time of day, what do we 
want?  We've mostly rung from about 10 (or 11) until 1 PM, and then had a 
picnic or gone to Johnson's* for lunch/ice cream, but if people would 
rather eat first and then ring, or have supper after afternoon ringing, we 
could ask about ringing in the afternoon instead. 
Laura Dickerson