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Re: Practice this weekend

I don't really have a vote, as I'm not planning to be there, but I
think you should have practice.
You'll have time for handling with Owen's friend, and the Orleans folk
can ring bells they're not familiar with.  Several of them are pretty
steady at hunting, and a few at Bob doubles, so you and Oliver can get
them through plain courses and touches with only a little shouting and
they can have lots of ringing time.   Maybe even practice dodging, or
ringing facing out, or leading well. Not ideal, but not a terrible or
useless practice.
Jut my opinion.

On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 11:20 PM, Richard Edward Morse <pukku mac com> 
> Hi! I have no idea what to do about practice this weekend. Most of the 
> regular crowd will be missing on Sunday due to the memorial dance, but 
> only one person said they'd be able to make Saturday. If we aren't going 
> to be able to muster enough for plain bob, I'd like to let the Orleans 
> folk know, so they don't come up. But as far as I can tell, Sunday 
> practice would be me, Oliver, Owen (and possibly a friend of his for 
> handling). Am I missing something?
> Ricky
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