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Re: Holy Week Wednesday + Dinner

I'd be up for dinner!

It's fun when we get the chance to try places other than our usual haunts.  It sounds like CBC has disappointed the past couple times, so maybe somewhere else?  Boston Beer Works (Fenway or North End)?  Jacob Wirth (theatre district)?  John Harvard's or Cambridge Common (both near Harvard)?  It looks like any of those has at least a couple of vegetarian options.

Opinions?  Other suggestions?


On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 2:47 PM, Daniel O'Donovan <dan odonovan gmail com> wrote:
Hi Everyone!

I was just wondering if there were any plans afoot for dinner on Wednesday - in lieu of regular ringing? Lucy and I can easily make it out to central or davis if there are any good restaurants around there!

Thanks, Dan

Daniel O'Donovan
dan odonovan gmail com

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