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Steel City Ringing Festival, 15-17 July

A reminder that the second Steel City Ringing Festival will be held
15–17 July 2011 at Southminster Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh.

And yes, our ringing room is air conditioned!

The weekend will consist of a mixture of general ringing sessions and
quarter peal attempts. While no formal social activities are planned,
there will be plenty of opportunities for impromptu socialization. If
there is sufficient interest and it can be arranged without too badly
inconveniencing those of our guests who won't be ringing in it, a peal
attempt may also be arranged, most likely for the second half of
Sunday afternoon.

Ringing will start 6:00 pm on Friday, 15 July, occupy Saturday from
breakfast to dinner time, and also all of Sunday afternoon. Pittsburgh
not only is home to the only six-time Super Bowl championship football
team, it is a lovely city, well worth visiting even before there were
bells here: if you choose to come early to sightsee, please also join
our regular practice on Thursday night.

While there is no formal registration it would help our planning if
everyone who is considering coming indicated their interest at


Don Morrison <dfm ringing org>
"It was too early in the morning to be early in the
morning."          -- Terry Pratchett, _Thief of Time_