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>   What do people think?
  quoting the vicar
>     Old North is hosting a fund raising gala with a    
>     silent auction on Saturday, March 5.  Could the    
>     bell ringers contribute a group bell ringing       
>     lesson to the silent auction?                      

    I think it's a good idea.  We'd have to work out a time to do it, but 
it would be fun, and might be a good way to get some parishioners or 
foundation supporters into the tower.  A number of years ago we donated 
lessons to the WGBH auction, or something like that (Don M probably 
remembers the details).
The boss of some business brought several of the employees together as 
part of a treat day out (team building, something).  None of them returned 
for more lessons, but they had a good time doing something unusual in a 
historic place, and I think it's always good to have more people think 
fondly of ringing.

Laura Dickerson