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Re: practice tonight?

Well, I love the snow but don't much like travelling in it - also
another 4 or 5 inches might fall before tonight.  Also, the winds are
going to stay strong for a while this evening.
I'm not very excited about going in for practice, and I'm not sure I
can even open my front door to get out...

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 12:07 PM, Elaine Hansen <EHansen minlib net> wrote:
> Can I have a nose count?
> How many of you would come if there were practice tonight?
> I've got a cat on my lap, so the thought of slogging in is not specially
> appealing, but if there's 5 of us
> (or me and Dennis or Naomi), perhaps I'll take the big purple car in to
> practice.
> (Calling the church now to see if they laugh in my face.)
> Yours in wafflement,
> -elaine
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