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ASA Bulletin Board Applications Due Today

In the past we have been *really bad* about bulletin board space, and
so don't generally apply any more as far as I know.   I'm thinking
it's about time.   Dennis?  Would you be game to put up a Tune Ringing
/ Tower Ringing / Handbell ringing poster?  We could start small, say
with a pointer to the IAP class.

Some nerve asking you to poster for a class  you haven't taken, huh?

    Happy New Year,

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From: Rachel E Meyer <remeyer mit edu>
Date: Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 3:28 PM
Subject: [ASA-Official] Bulletin Board Applications due today
To: asa-official mit edu

Dear Student Group Officers,

The ASA will be conducting allocations of bulletin board space this
school year. If your group is interested in having a bulletin board for
the next two years, you must fill out the short application at

Even if you already have a board, you must fill out this application.
Groups which currently have been allocated bulletin board space will lose
that space if they do not reapply.

The deadline to submit this application is today, Sunday, January 2, 2011
at 11:59pm.  Late applications will be accepted at lower priority only
within 48 hours of this deadline.

The results of allocations will be published by the end of IAP.  The new
allocations will take effect at the beginning of spring semester, with an
exact date to be determined by the Board.

If you have any questions, please email asa-exec mit edu (publicly
archived) list or asa-boards mit edu (not archived).

The ASA Executive Board

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