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Ringing over the Holidays

Hi! The next two weekends are both holiday weekends, which affects Old 
North practice. 

This weekend (25-26 Dec) is Christmas day and Boxing day (for those who 
observe). PLEASE, if you can be at Service ringing at Advent and Old 
North, please come! Based on the signout boards, we're going to be very 
short-handed. It is also the fourth Sunday in the month. We nominally have 
practice, but I will leave this up to the people at Service ringing.

IF you are able to be there for Service ringing, please let me know.

The following weekend (1-2 Jan) is also a holiday. If you are interested 
in having practice on the first, please let me know. There is also Service 
ringing on Sunday, and again we may be short-handed. Please come if you 

tl;dr: please come to service ringing on 26 Dec and 2 Jan. Please?