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quarter peals

Hi all -

   I've been somewhat remiss in organizing quarter peals since I became Ringing Master; sorry about that.

   We have a first-Sunday quarter coming up at Old North on December 5, and I'd also like to organize a quarter-peal day on a weekend, either in December, or sometime early next year.  Keeping in mind both these and future quarters, answers to the following questions would be much appreciated from anyone who rings or would like to ring quarters:

- are there any methods you would particularly like to ring in a quarter?
- are there any methods of which you would particularly like to call a quarter?
- are you free for a quarter during service ringing at Old North on Sunday, Dec. 5?
- are you free for one or more quarters on the afternoon of Saturday, Dec. 11, probably something like 2-5pm at Advent, if it happens?

      ~ Emily