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Advent Guild Meeting Minutes from 8/25/10

Hi Boston Change Ringers,

I'm sorry for the delay in sending out the meeting minutes.

Our annual meeting of the Advent Guild took place on 8/25/10.  The attendees were: Emily, Danielle, Elaine, Asher, Oliver, Greg, Dianne, and Genni.

We commenced the meeting with status reports from current officers.  We then talked about recruiting methods, followed by an election for new officers, and then other business.

Treasurer report:
Treasurer has sent out the savings, checking and petty cash amounts to us all on August 23, 2010.  The account is currently located at TD Bank North.  There is some money (~250) in the Old North account.  (side note: Perhaps this shouldn't be the case....)
There are $50 worth of parking tickets in the vouchers for parking discounts in the box.

There has been a steady state of money for the past year in the of about $2,200 to $2,500 in the savings account, and about $400 [my number conflicts with the report sent out, which states closer to $250.  I could very well have transcribed this incorrectly] in the checking account.

Now there are yearly contributions (in GBP) for the ringing world and Campanophile
records of years past will be passed along (though many probably won't be of any use.)
if move to another bank-make sure there is no monthly fee

Steeple keeper report:
Everything is now in good shape except the ropes.  Stays, sliders, pulleys, clappers...
The ropes are BAD; so bad, we will need them replaced before the year is up.  The 3 has just been replaced.  The 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 had their tops pulled over. The 5, 6 need their tops pulled over. The 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 have their tail ends spliced.

Eddie has gotten quotes from two different places for new ropes.  To do: check if Dale has sent answers to church's questions and the quotes to the church.  The quote we got is only for 8, we may want to pay for extras ourselves.  Or, we may want to just purchase extra ropes for tails and tops instead of full ropes with sallies.  The current quotes are not for synthetic tops, they are natural ropes all the way.  We may want to replace the chiming rope as well.  The last ropes are from about 10 years ago, which is a reasonable lifespan for ropes.

To do: purchase ear protection for this tower.  Danielle has volunteered to get it, and then will be reimbursed.

Did James reserve a table for the Midway?  If not, no table will be available at this point.  Other recruiting opportunities include:
-Mish can put up fliers around multiple colleges.
-Email people that attended last January and haven't been back since.
-Church volunteer fair (sometime in September) -> We should get Dale to ask the church about this.
-Use the signs on nice days outside the church.  These are stored near the doors on the Mount Vernon Street entrance.

We have no proxies for the meeting.  I have only included below the winners for the roles, not the others that were running.
Tower Captain: Elaine Hansen (role: "turns up and runs stuff")
Ringing Master: Emily Russell (role: "quarter peal, extra services, and IP course organizer")
Treasurer: Oliver Kosut
Secretary: Genni Mushlin
NAG Rep: Eddie Futcher
Steeple Keeper: Asher Kaboth (Elaine and Ricky can be on backup when the Steeple Keeper is not around)
Clapper Correspondent: Laura Dickerson
Peal Secretary: Laura Dickerson
As it stands at the moment, the keys will go to: Tower Captain, Ringing Master, ans Steeple Keeper.

To do: check with Laura that she can write the article for the Clapper for October.

Other news:
-We should ring something for Moses, in honor of him becoming a citizen (his ceremony will be taking place at Fenway Park.)
-We may want to edit (combine and reorganize) the constitution, which hasn't been updated since about 1984.
-The spots don't appear to be leaks of water upstairs, but instead, pigeon goo.
-We may need to bring in 3 D-cell batteries for the doorbell, which has stopped working at the moment.

I would like to extend a congratulations to our new officers!

Genni Mushlin
Advent Guild Secretary