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farewell party for Dianne and Greg

Hi all -

   As most of you probably already know, Dianne and Greg will be leaving us for the dark reaches of Saffron Walden early next month.  We're having a send-off party for them at my place next weekend:

Date: Saturday, Sept. 25
Time: 7pm
Place: 30 Highland Rd, Somerville 02144

My kitchen isn't quite big enough for me to try to cook for all of you, so we'll do a potluck dinner type of thing.

Please fill out the form here to RSVP if you're able to come: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dEJzOE9xalRsM2w4c29UeE1EdUhWOUE6MQ

Hope to see everyone there!
     ~ Emily