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Good Stuff for Free

Greg and I are giving away of loads of household stuff -- furniture, rugs, decorative pieces, equipment, tools.  The first bunch of things is available now: FREE.  For those of you without cars, I could make deliveries of all the items to your homes.  PHOTOS of most of the available items can be seen by clicking on this link:

IN ADDITION to the pictured items, the following are also available:
* A VCR Player
* A Closet Mirror, 50" H x 15" W
* A few Cordial Glasses
* Four nice, medium-size, white Coffee Mugs
* Cutlery for two; simple stainless
* Manual Can Opener, still in package, never used
* Electric pencil sharpener
* Tools -- hand saws, small electric saw, small electric sander, chisels, wire cutters, etc.
* Odds and ends: small wooden tray, small wooden vessel, small mending kit 

Everything is free.  Call me at 781-455-6334 to arrange a time to see the stuff (if you've got a car) or for me to drop off what you want if you don't. -- Dianne