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July 4th ON Service Ringing

I'm trying to get a head count for July 4th ringing.
We are in the schedule for ringing from 12-1 and a talk at Old North
on July 4th (which is a Sunday).  Laura, who usually gives the talk,
is out of town, so we'll need a volunteer to talk to tourists and at
least 6 ringers.  I'd like to organize a quarter attempt for that
time, but if there isn't enough interest in a quarter there should be
regular service ringing.  So please let me know if you are available
for a quarter and/or if you are available for service ringing, and/or
if you are willing to talk to tourists for that hour.
There will be a picnic and 1812 ringing that evening- Laura is flying
back in time to ring for that, but a head count might be nice as well.