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Re: The Muppets: Ringing of the Bells

Richard J. Barbalace wrote:
At least I am not so bad as Animal:

<spoiler alert!>

Sometimes when I've told people who know nothing about change ringing that it might be dangerous, I've heard the response "oh, the bell might fall on your head." Huh? My initial response was "yes, and if you walk into a building, the roof might fall on your head." That seems about equally likely to me. Someone else had linked to this clip and when Arthur and I were discussing it, we talked a bit about the idea that in the middle ages in some places, having a church bell that rang at an unusual time meant it was an alarm bell. If it was the church that was on fire and you were ringing the bell to sound the fire alarm, then a bell might fall on your head (although you might die of smoke inhalation first).

Laura Dickerson