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Advent Requests Change

Everyone --

The Rector and the Music Director have requested that we change our practice night to Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday in order to avoid the "aural distraction" that our ringing causes the choir.

I have told them that I would determine how such a move would affect our participation.  Please help me make an accurate response to them by sending ME -- not the list -- your reply at the address on the CC line above, even if you do not regularly attend practice now.

Please reply by copying the blue text block below into your message to me and specifying either "High," "Medium," "Low," or "None" for each of the three options.  Please, if it would be possible for you to shift your arrangements around to any of those other evenings, don't write "None," just because it'd be a hassle to make the change.  The church has been asking for several years that we do this and they are now becoming more insistent, so let's try to give them a data-based, not a feeling-based, reply.  

Thank you for your cooperation -- Dianne

The likelihood that I would come to Advent practice at least as often as I come now if ringing practice were changed to 
* Monday evenings:
* Tuesday evenings:
* Wednesday evenings: