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Re: Groton meeting on 25 July

I will have a car that day, and can give rides as needed. If we have too many people driving, I'm happy not to as well.
On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 11:27 AM, Laura Dickerson <lauradi erols com> wrote:
       There are still a lot of people who are unsure whether or not they will be there, but it's probably time to start organizing carpools.  I can be at Alewife at 8:45 (which would get us to
Groton a good bit before the 10 AM start).  If I'm the only person with a car who is going, we could figure out some way for both of the cars in my household to go, if needed.       As mentioned above, I don't know enough to place bands in advance or anything, so it will be more loosely organized than sometimes in the past.  Everyone who can ring rounds, think about what you'll need to do to ring nice rounds on ten (get over being nervous, get a good night's sleep, reach up at handstroke, whatever).  Everyone who can hunt, please think about hunting on ten.  Everyone who can ring Grandsire on any number, please think about Grandsire Caters, same for Stedman.  If all we get in terms of band strength is doubles, we'll do it with lots of covers - I'd like to be ringing on ten
almost all the time.  People who can reliably dodge on even numbers, please look at Little Bob Royal  http://www.vismeth.co.uk/methview2.php?P=X10X14-12&T=Little+Bob+Royal&S=Royal&R=Rung
        Plan to bring water for the ringing time and picnic food for when we're done, but there will probably be an outing to Johnson's as well, for ice cream and/or fried things.   http://www.johnsonsdrivein.com/
Speaking of eating - the Morgan-Wahl family will be in Cambridge that day but can't make it to Groton.  Would people be available for some sort of evening gathering? Dinner at a restaurant?  Maybe tea and snacks at our house?
Laura Dickerson

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