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Re: recording at Advent for 4th of July ringing

An update on the recording: from the responses, it looks like the best
date for this will probably be Saturday May 16 (just under two weeks
from now) - more details will be forthcoming once we confirm with the
church and the event producers, but please keep this afternoon free!



On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 11:49 AM, Emily Russell <linninniach gmail com> 
> Hello all -
>    As part of this year's ringing during the 1812 Overture for the
> 4th of July extravaganza, the producers would like to include video
> footage of us ringing in the "live" broadcast.  This is a great
> publicity opportunity to remind the audience that there are real
> people making those bells ring!
>    The plan would be to do the recording sometime well before the
> 4th.  In order that we not lose most of a practice to this, I'd like
> to have a special session, probably on a weekend afternoon.  We'll
> basically be ringing lots of Rounds, and we've been asked to dress
> such that it's realistic that it be "live" on the 4th - that is, dress
> for summer.
>    Please let me know if you're available for this on any of the
> following afternoons, probably starting around 2pm (you do not have to
> be planning on ringing on the 4th to get in on the video):
>                      Saturdays: May 16, 23, 30; June 6, 13
>                      Sunday: May 10, 24, 31; June 7, 14
>    Hopefully we'll be able to get 8 people on one of these afternoons!
>    Thanks!
>            ~ Emily