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dinner invitation

Hi all -

    Ricky, Maris, Mira, James, Asher, Danielle and I, would
collectively like to invite you for lunch and dinner on Saturday, May
9.  As we all live along the 88 bus line, we'll be serving one course
at each house, and traveling among them by bus or in some cases on
foot.  We will start lunch off at Ricky's house, near Lechemere,
around 2pm after Old North practice.

    Please let us know ahead of time if you will be coming, so that we
can plan for an appropriate amount of food.  Vegetarian and dairy-free
options will be provided, but let us know of any other dietary
restrictions.  Be warned also that there is a dog in one house, and
two cats in another.  You are welcome to join us for the entire
journey, or to leave early/arrive late.

          ~ Emily et al.