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Pittsburgh Ringing Course 2008

From: "Don Morrison" <dfm ringing org>
Date: November 1, 2007 6:51:39 PM EDT
To: "NAG Talk Mailing List" <nag-talk yahoogroups com>
Subject: [nag-talk] Re: [nagcr] Pittsburgh Ringing Course 2008
nag-talk yahoogroups com

For those that may be having trouble dealing with the attachment in
Ross's recent message, here is what it says:

Proposal for a Ringing Course/Workshop for Summer 2008 in Pittsburgh

Following on from the ringing course for intermediate level ringers
held in Pittsburgh in August 2007, we would like to offer another course at approximately
the same time next year (2008).

Since the AGM for 2008 is scheduled for early October it is hoped that
a course in mid-to late August will not present any conflicts with other NAG events.

As was the case for the 2007 course, the following proposal may be
subject to change dependent on availability of instructors/helpers and the level of
interest expressed by potential students.

Course Curriculum

Since it is our hope to continue to offer courses for differing levels
of ringers' current skills, the anticipated curriculum for Summer 2008 will be for
introductory method ringing, specifically being targeted at those currently working on
Plain Hunt and Plain Bob from Doubles through Major.

More detail of required study material for the course will be decided
upon and provided for participants after the selection of successful applicants and
specific dates have been finalized.

Course Outline

Don Morrison will be the principle instructor.

The plan is for a 2 or 3 day ringing course, most likely with
attendees arriving on a Friday afternoon or evening.

Ringing sessions will probably be from 6:30/7:00 until around 9:00 on
the Friday, from approximately 10:00 AM to 5:00 or 6:00 PM (including a lunch break) on
the Saturday, and on the Sunday from after normal service ringing (roughly 11:00 to
11:30 AM) until departure of attendees.

Since we are subject to the occasional wedding and rehearsal which are
not always readily predictable, these times may need to vary but the overall
amount of ringing time should not be compromised significantly.

Selection of Applicants

In order to optimize the effectiveness of the course for the students
it may be necessary to limit the number of applications accepted. Factors affecting the
selection of successful applicants will include early expression of interest in participation
and those whom the organizers consider to be most likely to derive the greatest benefit
from the course. Rejection of applications should not be considered any kind of rebuff
but simply an effort to maintain manageable numbers and maximize the potential benefits to students.


The proposed schedule for this project is to allow until the end of
January 2008 for potential students to register their interest in participation (but
the sooner the better).

If interest is adequate, we will then spend as much time as necessary
up to a maximum of 3 months determining if sufficient instructors and helpers can be
obtained to make the course viable. This time will also be used if necessary to select (in
the organizers' views) the most appropriate candidates for participation.

By the end of April at the latest (and hopefully sooner) we will be
able to let all successful applicants know if the course is "a go" leaving them more
than 3 months to make travel plans.

If you are interested in participating in such a course please respond to
the Contact point on the PCRG web site (www.pghtower.org) at your
earliest convenience. Go to "Summer Course 2008"
If, due to lack of synchronization with our web site manager, this page is not
yet available, please try back in a week or two.

If the selection of specific dates would preclude your participation
please mention them in your response.

Ross J Finbow
Ringing Master, Pittsburgh Change Ringing Guild
November 1st, 2007.