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Re: OT: circuit snacks

On Thu, 2007-09-27 at 17:39 -0400, Laura Dickerson wrote:
> At Old North this weekend, both at practice and service ringing, we 
> were discussing the inappropriateness of wearing circuitry clothes with 
> blinking
> lights to an airport.  The follow-up question is, what about circuitry 
> snacks?
> http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/circuitsnacks
> Laura Dickerson
 Asking for a one-way to Gitmo, walk into an airport carrying one
of those.

 I'm curious, though. Did anyone besides me feel that this was
sort of an overreaction to a circuit board? When I was your
age, bombs were round and black and had burning fuses. I suppose
technology marches on, but still, if that's what an infernal
device looks like these days, I am going to think twice about
taking my laptop on my next flight out of Logan.