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Re: wedding ringing 7/28 - *final rsvp*

Mish Madsen wrote:
Here's who I have so far:

(Most of these were tentative, assuming that both quarters and Groton are finished by this time.)

Wedding ringing will be around 7pm or 7:15 on Saturday 7/28. Can whoever is in charge of planning Groton/quarters/peals please email me and let me know what the current status is of the timing for those,
I thought I'd reply to everybody, to try to clarify. We told Chet on Saturday not to try to hang around so long waiting to ring. The picnic at Groton will end by 2 or before (we have no scheduled departure time, but after 2 hours we probably will have eaten up the food), that would put him at loose ends for many hours. Dianne, Rosalie, and I could probably go home for a bit before
heading to Old North. It's my impression that
4 people from the peal band will be coming to ring for the wedding. The timing seems tight to me, and I presume they'll all be tired (Groton in the morning, peal in the afternoon), but that would give us 7, and we could probably corral someone else (like Allen?) in the meantime.

Laura Dickerson