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wedding ringing 7/28 - *final rsvp*

Here's who I have so far:

(Most of these were tentative, assuming that both quarters and Groton are finished by this time.)

Wedding ringing will be around 7pm or 7:15 on Saturday 7/28. Can whoever is in charge of planning Groton/quarters/peals please email me and let me know what the current status is of the timing for those, and whether you can be *sure* that you will be back/done by this time? This date is now less than two weeks away and I'd like to give as much notice as possible if we can't make it. (NB: it would be an excellent thing for us to try to ring for more weddings, as mentioned at our last guild meeting.)

Predicated on Groton and/or quarters and/or peal ALL being over by that time: PLEASE let me know as soon as you get this email whether you can ring that evening if you have not already.

- Mish