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Re: Bristol Royal at Groton

James Whiting wrote:
Many of us managed to ring some amount of Bristol Maximus in New York,
so I think we should try to ring Bristol Royal at Groton. I'm not
entirely sure that we have enough people. If you will be going to
Groton and are interested in learning at least a few leads, please let
me know. If there are enough people, I will send an email confiriming
that there is interest. 3rds place bell is symmetric, so we could ring
a touch with a single every lead if someone wants to learn just one
place bell (perhaps Dianne or Amy).

I had announced that Yorkshire would be our designated Surprise Royal attempt, but I don't mind changing it. If we want to say that there will be one lead of Bristol Royal, we could assign James to place the band in advance so that each of us could learn a place bell. In terms of ending it (other than just "stand") the beginning of the next lead (ie the backstroke of the treble's full lead) is 1352749608. Agreeing to hunt from that to rounds at the snap wouldn't involve a lot
of crunching ;-)

Laura Dickerson