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quarter(s) on Groton area meeting weekend?

When Old North was raising money for new historically informed windows, someone donated one (or both? hard to tell) in the ringing room in memory of his wife, and we now have a plaque. The anniversary of her death is July 29th. The Groton area meeting is scheduled for July 28th. People will be coming from out of town in addition to locals, so it seemed to me that we'd have a pool of people who should be able to ring a memorial quarter at service ringing time on Sunday the 29th. Any interest?

I'm not volunteering to organize a bunch of quarters (anybody remember the mutant methods weekends?) or ask Groton for extra quarter time in addition to our already approved two hours for open ringing, but Dianne has checked, and the Advent bells are available for quarter attempts that weekend.

Laura Dickerson