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Re: change in practice time & wedding ringing

Mish Madsen wrote:
3) Practice will probably be canceled Saturday 5/26 as well due to Memorial Day and Quebec ringing.

Hi from far away. It was my impression that we were planning to hold practice that day with shortness and complications - those of us who had committed to being in town for practice + the eight visiting FODS ringers are expecting to ring at Old North from 11:00 until 11:45 and then some of us will jump into cars and drive to Groton, where the visitors have reserved some time. Groton is requesting individual liability waivers from folks who will be there (I am negotiating to sign just one waiver for all of us for the July ringing, as I have in the past). I have already sent in waivers for Alice, Chet, Dianne, Greg, Xiao, and me for May 26th. Anyone else who is planning to go, please let me know right away.