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change in practice time & wedding ringing

Hello, all!

1) Practice will be canceled next Saturday (5/12) due to general unavailability.

2) On Saturday, 5/19, there will be a quarter attempted at 10:30am. Practice will therefore start at 11:30am, or possibly as early as 11:15 - but please don't come into the ringing room until the bells stop ringing. (If you have not already received an email from Laura about said quarter but you are interested in ringing and available, please let me know as soon as possible.)

3) Practice will probably be canceled Saturday 5/26 as well due to Memorial Day and Quebec ringing.

4) Service ringing will happen as usual all three of those Sundays. *Please* come if you are available.

5) Penultimately: we have been asked to ring for a wedding on Friday, June 15th, at 6pm. Please email to let me know _now_ (or as soon as possible) if you can make it, even if you've already told me in person - we need to have at least six, and we don't have that many yet.

6) Finally: your interim tower captain - from June through mid-August - will be Xiao Fan, who can be reached at xfan mit edu. (I will be ringing in spirit from Haifa.)

cheers, and have a lovely May!
- Mish Madsen
Old North Tower Captain