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ringing in April and May

Just a reminder that the Lantern Service ringing will be this Sunday from 7:30pm to 7:50pm and then for a little while after 9pm. If you have not already told me you are coming *by email*, please do so now so I can make sure we have enough.

If you are planning on attending regular Old North practice on Saturday, April 21st, let me know now, as there is a distinct possibility that practice will be canceled given the lack of current interest because of Kent/Brewster ringing. We would need at least three area ringers to be able to attend, as there are two visitors planning on coming...

Regarding quarter dates: if your answers are 'maybe' and 'no' (but not if they are all 'no's...) for a set of dates listed, I am still interested in hearing from you! :) I will pencil you in and check back closer to the date for 'maybes', but do please write if you can ring at 10:30am any of these Saturdays:
April 28
May 5
May 12
May 19

That's all for now. Thanks!

Mish Madsen
Old North Tower captain