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ON practice to begin at **11:30am** on Saturday, 2/3/07

Hello, all:

Apparently a woman who lives up the street from Old North has been 
about the ringing, so the vicar requests that we not extend our ringing 
time by
more than half an hour for the quarter on February 3rd. Therefore, the 
will start at 10:30am rather than 10am, and I am delaying the start of 
practice to 11:30am (or presumably a bit earlier if we manage to complete 
quarter on first attempt) unless there are strenuous objections.

Again, if you said you _might_ be available for a quarter on this date, 
and now
you know that you will be - either for certain or nearly for certain - 
email me as soon as you can.

Additionally, for those who tend to arrive not much before the end of 
please note that I'll be making more of an effort to finish at or slightly
before 1pm. I encourage you to arrive slightly earlier, or even on time! :)

Mish Madsen
Old North Tower Captain