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Ford memorial ringing at Old North

I spoke to Rev Von Handloss yesterday. What she'd like in connection with President Ford's memorial service is tolling and then as many bells as we can manage, starting at approximately 11:30. We currently have 3 ringers. I'd hope for at least 4 and would love to have more than that. I know it's a work day (only federal employees are getting a holiday) and that it will involve an undetermined amount of time, but the waiting around could be spent pleasantly working on the RW puzzles. I suspect she's hoping to have us copy the ringing at the national cathedral, nicely described by Linda Wertheimer in this piece from NPR:

They're planning to toll as the processions goes from the Capitol to the cathedral, and then ring a half-muffled quarter beginning immediately at the end of the service. The NPR coverage tomorrow starts at 10 AM. I have no idea whether one will be able to hear the tolling, but it's possible - I assume a good bit of it will be listing names of famous people arriving, so outdoor ambient sounds may be there. I have an obligation in Lexington at 9, but if I can get downtown in time, I'll toll before the service, and maybe half-muffle some bells and try to get them up early.

Laura Dickerson