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Advent Service ringing

Some upcoming ringing dates at Advent:

Dec 24: NO service ringing, there will be a quarter attempt instead.  Service ringing at Old North is as usual.  Those in the quarter, meet at 9:55.  (There's a possibility that we'll need an extra ringer for this.  Is there an 8-bell ringer who could be an alternate?  Please email me and Dianne ( dspc comcast net) if you're available just in case.)

Dec 28:  NO practice.  Right now most locals are out of town.  If there is a visiting ringer who really wants practice, I'll reconsider and send out email, for now practice is cancelled.

Dec 31:  Regular service ringing at 10:10 am.  Many locals are out of town, please come if you can.

Dec 31 (New Year's Eve):  Ring in the New Year!  Meet at 11:30 pm by the Brimmer St door to ring in the New Year.

Jan 4th: Surprise Practice. 

Jan 5th:  Friday night service ringing for Epiphany.  Meet at 8:15.  Please email me or sign up on the chalkboard at Advent if you can make it, I'll bring King Cake for an authentic celebration...

As usual, please make every effort to be on time for all these events, particularly service ringing!
Thanks,  and Merry Christmas!