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reminder: my dad is doing neurosurgery LIVE on the internet tomorrow!

it'll be totally awesome. tune in tomorrow to boost his ratings. you will be able to send in questions (but no, my dad won't usually answer: he'll be doing neurosurgery or something.)

the live webcast will be tomorrow, wednesday 10/25, at 1pm.


- mishetti

From: Dr. Joseph Madsen

Dear folks--
The link
will get you into my OR tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1 pm EDT. Please check it out. You will be able to email in questions, some of which may be directed to me. Questions such as "Where did you get those cool glasses?", "Do you have a personal trainer?", or "You look marvelous?" will probably be filtered out by our moderator, Dr. Mark Proctor, so don't ask those. Questions such as "Why is Kyle's motor activation bilateral?" might make it through.....but don't all send that, or Mark will suspect something. By the way, they keep some kind of count, and if you tune in any time tomorrow you count as a "live viewer,"....so don't miss it if you can!