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Groton meeting update

   Thanks to Dianne for starting the ride organizing while I was away.
Thus far, everyone who requested a ride would like to go from Alewife.
We will have at least two cars there at 9:45 on Saturday morning (the
23rd) but presumably won't leave on the dot, to allow for the vagaries
of the Red Line.  The ringing at Groton starts at 11 AM, ends at 1 PM,
and we'll spend as long eating lunch at Johnson's as long as it takes
us, so people should plan to spend most of the day out west.
    Taking the Fitchburg line commuter train to Ayer would be possible,
but not especially convenient - it arrives at 9:44.

    Presume that we will ring a lot of rounds on 10, hunts on 9 & 10,
Grandsire Caters and and some Stedman Caters.
 I don't think we'll have a band to attempt it, but people who think
they might be able to ring Surprise Royal should study Yorkshire S.R.
  See http://www.ex.ac.uk/knotweed/vismeth.htm
to print it out, if you can't find it in a diary or Diagrams.

   Groton has requested that we sign a waiver of liability.  I am taking
the liberty of signing one form to cover all of us as a group, rather
than trying to deal with a couple of dozen forms for individuals.
Please don't get hurt or try to sue.  Also, we have to specify which
facilities we will be using.  I'm only asking for the tower and toilet
and parking lots and maybe the yard (for frisbee playing?), so please
don't play the organ or wander through classroom buildings or anything

   Karen Hunter and Roberta Dougan, who have been working on a
documentary about ringing, might be there filming.

    Bring water bottles - there is no water fountain in the chapel and
it will probably be hot.

Laura Dickerson