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[Fwd: Robert Golledge]

Do any of you know anything about how Rev. Robert Golledge died? Or who
this person should contact?


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From: Jonathanlwarner AOL COM
To: whiting mit edu
Subject: Robert Golledge
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:28:34 EDT
Dear James,
I am afraid you don't know me, so apologies for e-mailing you out of the
I was very sorry to read online that Robert Golledge had died. (The
website suggested you would be ringing the bells at his memorial service
and this is how I obtained your contact details.)
Robert married my wife and I at the Old North Church 14 years ago. What
is unusual is that we are both British and so it was a bit of a leap of
faith on his part to agree to conduct the marriage! We kept up with him
over the years and last saw him a couple of years ago when he and Bobbie
visited London.
We shall of course be writing to Bobbie, but I wondered if you could
give me a few details about how he died. Was it very sudden or an
ongoing illness? He seemed well when we last spoke at Christmas.
Jonathan Warner.