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Re: MIT guild annual meeting and constitution

Nearly everyone who replied (and had an opinion) could make it next
Monday, so that's when it will be: Monday, May 16th, 7:00 in 5-232 or
thereabouts. (I originally said Monday was the 15th, but I was looking
at some imaginary calendar.)

If you can't make it but have comments on the constitution or want to
designate a proxy, let me know.

 - John

On 5/3/05, John Danaher <danaherj gmail com> wrote:
> The MIT Guild of Bellringers needs to have its annual meeting, and it
> ideally would happen before the end of term. We have to elect officers
> for the coming year, including President and Treasurer (who must be
> MIT students), Ringing Master, Keeper of the Handbells,
> Steeple-Keeper, and possible Handbell Director (see below*).
> As you probably know, a tune-ringing handbell group has been running
> under our auspices for the past year and a half. So that more of them
> can come to the meeting this year, I propose that we break from the
> traditional alternating-year pattern (which would have the meeting at
> Old North this year) and hold the meeting at MIT this year.
> Since this is somewhat sort notice, I'd like to give people a chance
> to suggest times that will work for them. Reasonable times to have the
> meeting would be next week (the last week of classes at MIT) and the
> week after (finals week). We could have it Monday sometime between 7
> and 9:30 (change-ringing practice time) or Tuesday or Wednesday around
> 8 (tune-ringing practice time, though we'll be done for the term by
> then). Out of:
> 5/8 5/9 5/10 5/15 5/16 5/17
> which days do people prefer? Get back to me soon so I can set a date.
> * It'd also be good to amend our constitution to set up permanent
> protocols (for things like, say, money) between the tune-ringing and
> change-ringing sides of the group. Since our old constitution
> apparently had pieces missing, Oliver wrote us a proposed new one last
> fall, which is currently at
> http://web.mit.edu/bellringers/newconst.txt. To make the treasurer's
> life harder but make sure that money doesn't disappear, I'd propose
> adding the following somewhere (under the treasurer's job
> description?):
> - All large expenses (those over $50 [?]) must be approved by both the
> Ringing Master and the Director of the Tune Ringers.
> Also, to better weather the ups and downs in membership over time:
> - If there are insufficient numbers [defined how?] of either
> tune-ringers or change-ringers to elect their officers, then the
> President shall act in place of those officers until those offices can
> be filled.
> Please send me comments. And tell me what dates will work.
>  - John