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Elva here this week

Elva Ainsworth, together with Alex, Iain and Aiden, will be here the
second half of this week and the coming weekend. While they'll be
joining in the weekend's ringing, they'd also be interested in getting
together with folks Friday and/or Saturday evenings, too. They'll be
staying at their friend Amy's place in Brookline Village.

Sadly I will be away the whole time they're here, and so will not be a
good person to coordinate socializing with them. Folks may want to
coordinate directly with Elva (whose email address appears in the To:
list of this message), or perhaps someone wants to volunteer to do so?
Anyway, folks please do try to hook up with them!

They arrive Thursday afternoon, 31 March. After that they should be
able to be reached at Amy's number: 617 566 4254.

For those too new to Boston ringing to know Elva, she and daughter
Alex Lucas lived here for a year and a half, and rang with us while
here. And gave us a host of interesting tales to tell, including
perhaps the world's largest assortment of ways to accidentally destroy
a mobile phone.

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"He sometimes wondered if the mating call of the male
[kakapo] didn't actively repel the female, which is the
sort of biological absurdity you otherwise find only
in discotheques."  -- Douglas Adams, _Last Chance to See_