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Advent practice night

We've been asked to consider changing our practice night back to
Tuesday (where it was about fifteen years ago) to get out of the way
of the choir rehearsal.

When last we discussed this a few years ago the general consensus was
that it would be most inconvenient to change as folks had organized
other things around the expectation that they'd be ringing on
Thursdays. For example, several of our number work Tuesday nights.

But as it's been brought up again, I'd like to explore it again. How
many folks that do come to Advent practices would find Tuesdays just
as convenient at Thursdays?

Of those for whom Tuesdays are a problem, with sufficient lead time
might you be able to adjust your schedules? For example, if we said
we'd not make the change until September? Or if necessary possibly not
even until the first of 2006? If you could thus accommodate such a
change, how much lead time do you need to do so?

Note also that changing back to Tuesdays would have some advantages
for us, too. There are several recurring liturgical events that fall
on Thursdays every year. That, combined with the choir schedule, means
that we have considerably more Thursday cancellations than we would
Tuesday ones.

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"After all these years I have observed that beauty, like happiness,
is frequent. A day does not pass when we are not, for an instant,
in paradise."  
         -- Jorge Luis Borges, _Los Conjurados_, tr Willis Barnstone