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Ringing resumes at Advent

We've just been given the go head to resume ringing at Advent.

While I'm the most likely contact for folks looking for permission to
attempt peals, if anyone asks any of you, we will be waiting at least
a few weeks to ensure the resumption of ringing doesn't seem to be
sending any further debris down before any peal attempts are

Let's tentatively plan on a practice tomorrow night. I recognize many
folks may already have alternate plans, as this is fairly short
notice. Could those of you that frequently attend Thursday practices
please send me email ASAP stating whether or not you expect to be able
to attend? If it doesn't look like we have a quorum I'll send email by
lunchtime tomorrow cancelling it.

There will be service ringing on Sunday, starting at its usual
10:10ish immediately following the 9:00 Mass. Please attend if you
possibly can. Since many folks may have made alternate plans I fear we
may be a little short handed.

Over the next few days could folks please also tell me whether or not
they are available for practices the remaining Thursdays in December
(9, 16, 23 and 30 December)? It seems likely one or two of them may
have to be cancelled owing to folks' holiday travel.

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>