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Limited ringing this Sunday, Dec. 5

Hi all,

This is just a heads-up that we will only be able to ring until 12:30 this 
Sunday due to an Open House happening at Old North. There will be caroling 
starting at 12:30 and they also want to start tours up the tower by 
and so have asked us to finish by 12:30. I asked if we could ring a bit 
than usual as accompaniment to the event, if we kept the sound control 
so that we weren't too loud, but they did not think that would work.

So if you would be driving in from the suburbs for service ringing that 
and not for anything else in town, I can understand if you do not show up 
Sunday! If folks who live in town could please plan to come so that we can 
least ring on 8 for that time, that would be a great help.

Thank you,