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From Bruce Butler

From: THEBUTLERS aol com

09/28/2004 11:10 PM
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important info

Dear Area Rep,
Please be advised that the Clapper deadline is October 1 for the next 
All material should be sent to clapper nagcr org or margaretketchen shaw 
Additionally, please remind your members that October 4 is the deadline for
nominations for the Executive Committee and Central Council.  To date I 
received the following:
Porter Brownlee, President
Valdeane Brown, Education Officer
Madeleine Cheesman, PRO
Tom Miller, Membership Secretary
Jason DeCesare, Newsletter Editor
Margaret Ketchen, Newsletter Editor
Elisabeth Trumpler, Treasurer
Theresa Rice, Peal Secretary
Central Council Reps
   Alan Ellis
   Peter Trotman
   Don Morrison
   Bruce Butler
   Beverly Faber
   Greg Hinson
   Edward Martin

Additional nominations should be sent to me by the deadline.  Striking
Competition is next weekend in Raleigh and if you are planning on coming, 
send in your details to Eileen now.

Thanks for your support, Bruce Butler, President NAGCR

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"Failure is not an option. It comes bundled with the software."
                                                  -- from a T-shirt