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URGENT: Change of Plans

The engineers at the Advent have decided they don't need to make
measurements while we ring tomorrow night after all.

- The good news is they are convinced the ringing is not he root cause 
of the difficulties. Rather, that is water damage causing the mortar
in the masonry to degrade and fall out.

- The bad news, though, is that the ringing interacts with this
damage, causing stones that have been so loosened to potentially fall
out, with the likelihood of causing further damage, or, worse, injury.

So, all ringing at the Advent is now suspended until the stonework can 
be repaired. I believe they are hopefull that will be before the end
of the year, but I don't think things have progressed far enough for
them to really know how long it will take.

Thus, there will be *no* practice tomorrow, nor any practice or
service ringing until further notice. Let's go ahead and have the
Advent Guild meeting tomorrow night anyway, starting at 8:00. If we
can keep the meeting to under an hour we can still get away earlier
than if we'd had a practice.

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"A dramatist is one who believes that the pure event, an action
involving human beings, is more arresting than any comment that
can be made upon it."                             -- Thornton Wilder