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Re: Saturday afternoon catch-as-catch-can open house

A few people are planning on stopping by, so feel free to stop by for a short while.  You can call the house or my cel (978-509-5299) if you need help finding it.  If no one answers the front door, try walking around to the back yard.
Directions in case you need them:
From Route 2, headed East from 495:
- Go South on Rt 27
- A little while after you enter Maynard, you will turn right onto Concord St.  Follow it to the end, and turn right onto Summer St.  Concord St is before the Cumberland Farms.  If you pass the Cumberland farms, take the right onto Nason, and turn right at the stoplight onto Summer St. 
- Turn right onto Dix St (about 1/2 mile from Concord).  See continued directions below.
>From the East:
- Route 2 West towards Concord. 
- Turn left on Route 62 towards Maynard.  This is the next intersection after Emerson Hospital.
- In West Concord, bear left in front of the 99 pub to stay on Route 62.
- In Maynard center, take a right to stay on Rt 62 (also 27 North). 
- At the first light, bear left in front of the police station to stay on Rt 62 when 27 breaks off.  This is Summer Street.
- At the next light, go straight when Rt 62 turns left.  After 0.75 miles, turn right onto Dix Street.

>From the West:
- Take 495 to Route 117 East. 
- After approximately 6 miles, there will be a Shaw's supermarket on your left.  Shortly afterwards, turn left onto Pompositticut. 
- Take the third left onto Dix Street (approximately 1/2-1 mile).

When you are on Dix street, go to the very end and turn left onto Dana.
Take the first right on George, then the first right on Rice.  Go to the
end, and take a right, and another right onto Paul.  Our house is on the
right (about the second house).  Please park on the street, driveway is very steep.

                                    |         |       |
                                    |         |       |
                                    |         |     X |
                            George  |         |       | Paul
                                    |         |       |
                                    |         |       |
                                    |         |       |
                                    |         +-------/
                                    |         |
                                    |         |
                                    |---------/ <- Rice
                                  Dana      |
                                            | Dix
         Summer                             |
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Subject: Saturday afternoon catch-as-catch-can open house

Sorry for short notice...

If people are looking for something to do Saturday afternoon, stop by our
house between 1:45 and 7:15.  Sorry also for weird start times...  This will
make sense to some of you.

We will have soft drinks, some snacks, and a pile of takeout menus.

Please bring toys and possibly a lawn chair if convenient.  If you want to
bring your own food, or food to share, feel free.  Also, please coordinate
your transportation.  Please forward this to someone who might be interested
and is not on one of the mailing lists.

We are about 30 minutes from Groton and 30 minutes from the barn.  I will
send directions later.

Please send an e-mail if you think you might show so I know what to buy.

Rachel and Alan Fetters
10 Paul Road
Maynard, MA 01754